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 The HC900 Hybrid controller Honeywell is an advanced loop and logic controller offering a modular design to satisfy the control and data management needs of a wide range of process equipment. 

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When combined with the optional 900 Control Station operator interface that is tightly integrated with the controller’s database, configuration and setup time is minimized. This powerful combination, backed by Honeywell’s performance proven control technology, provides users an ideal solution for process control. In addition, open Ethernet connectivity with Modbus TCP Protocol allows network access using a variety of HMI/SCADA software.

The HC900 Controller provides superior PID loop control and more robust analog processing than most loop and logic controllers without compromising logic performance. A separate, fast scan cycle executes a rich assortment of logic and calculation function blocks. Logic blocks may also execute in the same scan with analog function blocks for time critical events. These function blocks may be fully integrated into a combined analog and logic control strategy for uncompromising control performance.

Honeywell offers training courses that include best practices to expand and improve system performance. These business training solutions are designed to help participants become more productive and proactive while delivering greater value to operations and help maximize return on employees.​

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