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DWM 1000 Electromagnetic flow controller for flow monitoring of conductive media
• 2-wire flow switch for liquids, pastes, slurries (≥20μS/cm); also for hygienic use and immersed applications (IP68)
• -25…+150°C / -13…+302°F; max. 25 barg / 360 psig
• For pipes DN25…400 / 1…16", optional for >DN400 / 16"
• For AC and DC electric circuits

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The DWM 1000 is a 2-wire electromagnetic flow controller to monitor the flow of conductive liquids, pastes and slurries. The switching point of this insertion-type device is adjustable over a full-scale range of 0.1 …9.9 m/s or 0.3…32.5 ft/s. A welding socket is supplied as standard for welding the DWM 1000 directly onto process pipes (DN50…400 / 2…16"). The long version (DWM 1000 L) is suited for larger pipe diameters or open channels. It comes with either a threaded connection or sliding connection. Both versions are equipped with a safety chain for safe removal of the sensor and with an optional isolation valve. The flow switch is also available with a VARIVENT® connection for hygienic applications. As an alternative to insertion tubes, an optional spool piece can be used to install the DWM 1000 without welding operation. Amplifier relays are available for a selection of AC and DC voltages. For temporarily or permanently immersed measuring points, the switch can be ordered as IP68 rated version. The DWM 1000 is factory calibrated before delivery.

Product highlights
• Insertion-type flow switch
• Sturdy construction: no moving parts, maintenance-free and wetted parts made of stainless steel and ceramic
• Converter is removable or rotatable under process conditions
• With DIP switch for setting full-scale value
• Zero calibration button removes zero offset
• Long sensors for open channels or pipes larger than 400 mm / 16" in diameter
• Optional isolation valve or welding socket for long versions (DWM 1000 L)
• IP 68 stainless steel housing for immersed applications
• Optional spool pieces for pipe diameters DN25…50 / 1…2"
• VARIVENT® connection for hygienic applications

Typical applications
• Cost-effective flow detection
• Control of cooling systems
• Pump protection
Water and wastewater industry
• Flow control in pump stations
Conventional and Nuclear Power Industry
• Water

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