BATCHFLUX 5500C DN25 Electromagnetic flowmeter KROHNE - K-BF5500C25

Marka : Krohne

The BATCHFLUX 5500 is an electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for rotary or linear filling machines. It is the most accurate mag meter for filling applications with conductive liquids in the market and has established itself as the standard for volumetric filling units. Due to its unique ceramic measuring tube, the mag meter features the best repeatability and long-term stability. It can also be used in difficult applications like fibrous products, hot filling (up to +140°C / +284°F) and CIP/SIP processes.

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The BATCHFLUX 5500 is the smallest electromagnetic flowmeter for filling applications in the market with the lowest weight and the lowest power consumption. Filling machine manufacturers benefit from easy and compact integration. The flowmeter is also the only device with gap-free, fused-in-place cermet electrodes to meet maximum hygienic requirements. It is 3A certified and conforms with FDA and EC1935/2004 regulations. For cleaning of outside, the meter is IP69k rated as standard. The EMF is provided as flangeless wafer style version with integrated electronics and frequency output.

Product highlights

Smallest filling mag meter on the market

Designed for conductive liquids ≥5μS/cm (water ≥20μS/cm)

High level of filling accuracy, excellent long term stability and repeatability

Most compact and lightweight design in the market

Absolutely leak-free stainless steel housing concept

Conforms with FDA and EC1935/2004 regulations

Crevice free integrated cermet electrodes

Rugged design: SIP/CIP proof and IP69K rated

Low power consumption <3 W

Typical applications

     Machinery and apparatus (OEM industry), food and beverage industry

For rotational and linear filling machines

Fast and precise process batching, filling, blending and dosing

Various conductive liquids (water, soft drinks, milk, beer, juices etc.)

Hot fillings up to +140°C / +284°F

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