OPTIFLUX 1050 C DN80 PN40 Elektromagnetic Flowmeter KROHNE - K-OF1050C80

Marka : Krohne

OPTIFLUX 1050 C DN80 PN40 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Krohne (flowmeter) (K-OF1050C80).  This includes applications where high accuracy, comprehensive diagnostics or a wide range of communication options are not a priority, especially in water, wastewater, mobile applications, agriculture or firefighting applications. The extra insulation of the electronic device and the housing also makes this EMF suitable for use in extremely humid areas. It is used in application areas such as water circulation and treatment, fire extinguishing systems: foam mixing, control of sprinkler systems, precise dosage of liquid feed, measurement of liquid fertilizers and liquid fertilizer.

Reference code : K-OF1050C80

The OPTIFLUX 1050 features a reinforced PFA liner and Hastelloy® electrodes that guarantee excellent chemical resistance and a large temperature range (up to +120°C / +248°F). The EMF has no internal moving parts, does not require maintenance and is insensitive to vibrations. It comes with current output (incl. HART®) or active pulse/frequency output and Modbus. A full on-site verification of the EMF without process interruption can be carried out using the OPTICHECK service tool.

Product characteristics

Excellent price-performance ratio

High-class materials: PFA lining and Hastelloy® C22 electrode

Free adjustable signal converter

With mounting material

Application areas

Heat counters, Water supply in residential and office building as well in recreational facilities and factories

Water circulation and treatment

Vehicles, Fire extinguishing systems: foam mixing, control of sprinkler systems

Precise dosing of liquid fodder, liquid fertilizers, measurement of liquid manure

Process conditions
If the solids content is less than 10%
Display / Operation
Electric conductivity
≥5 μS/cm (water ≥20 μS/cm)
Power supply
100…230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (85-253 V) or 24 VDC
Measurement accuracy
±0,5% of the measured value
Process connection
Electricity (HART®), pulse, status
Pressure Range
Till 40 bar; 580 psi
Process temperature
-25 ... + 120 ° C; -13 ... + 248 ° C
Ambient Temperature
-25...+65°C; -13...+149°F
Material housing
Steel plate
Material liner
Material electrode
Hastelloy® C22
Electrical cable glands
3 x M20 x 1,5
Ingress protection
IP66/67; NEMA4, 4X, 6
Prosess connection EN 1092-1
DN15 (*)...150; PN16, 40 (*) Nominal diameter DN15 includes grounding rings

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