Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator (30 nm Torque) - Omal

Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator (30 nm Torque) - Omal

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Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator (30 nm Torque) - Omal -  DA030401S

Reference code : DA030401S

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1.Energized and self-lubricated strips

Less friction between piston and cylinder

It prevents the bonding of the seal to the cylinder even after long periods of inactivity

2.Slots, bushes and pins made by steel with hardness higher than 50 HRC

Higher resistance to the forces inside the actuator

3.Rolling friction between piston and slot

Less friction

4.Scotch yoke with rolling friction (transforming rotary motion into linear motion using piston and shaft without teeths/gears)

Reduced friction between piston and shaft with consequently less wear on the relevant parts

Empowered Breakaway Torque (BTO & BTC)

Smaller volume/size than rack and pinion actuators (with the same torque) therefore less space required for installation

Less weight than the rack and pinion (-30% kg / Nm), with consequent savings on the construction sizing of the plant/equipment

Lower air consumption compared to the rack and pinion actuators (-40% air cm3/Nm for Double Acting and -20% air cm3/Nm for Spring Return) therefore less load on the compressor or the possibility of using a smaller compressor's size.

5.Rolled cylinder

Less wear of the energized ties thanks to the low roughness of the surface (0.15 micron Ra)

From sizes bigger than DAN15, NAMUR interface for solenoid valve is already integrated.

No need for extra plate.

100% in- house manufacturing process technology

Maximum control and accuracy in all the stages of the manufacturing process

ATEX Certificate

Installation is allowed in a potential explosive environment

Up to SIL 3 Certified

Guarantee of the high level of functional safety.

Temperature (operation)
from -20°C to +80°C. (Special versions: high temperature: -20°C +150°C; low temperature: -50°C +60°)
Flange connections
EN ISO 5211 F03 - F04 - F05 - F07 - F10 - F12 - F14 - F16 - F25. In accordance with EN 15714-3
Rotation angle
Rotation angle
irectly proportional to the air supply (see table). The code numbers after the DA letters, always correspond to the breakaway torque in Nm by 5,6 bar air supply.
Air supply
5,6 bar; maximum 8,4 bar (7 bar for DA8000).
Actuating media
filtered dry compressed air, not necessarily lubricated. In case of lubricated air, either non detergent oil or NBR compatible oil, must be used.

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