OPTIBATCH 4011 Mass Flowmeter

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·         Coriolis mass flowmeter for linear and rotating filling machines

·         High accuracy batching of conductive and non-conductive liquids

·         Meter size: DN8…15 (FDA, EC1935/2004 etc.)

·         Many hygienic fittings

·         Integrated Modbus

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The OPTIBATCH  4011 is the standard Coriolis mass flowmeter for process batching of conductive and non-conductive liquids. It is a highly accurate and specialised meter for linear and rotating filling machines. The fully welded maintenance-free device with twin U-shape is particularly suitable for hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries. It can be equipped with DIN11864-2 hygienic flange connections, hygienic clamp connections or many other bespoke fittings according to customer specifications.


The OPTIBATCH  4011 does not require a separate converter due to its integrated electronics. The flowmeter can be connected to a PLC or DCS via the simple Modbus interface. This allows programming, commissioning and measurement over a single data connection.

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