DW 183

DW 183 Mechanical Flow Controller

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DWDW 183 Mechanical Flow Controller

·         Mechanical flow controller for clean liquids

·         Flow indication without power supply

·         Up to 250,000 l/h or 1101 GPM (US)

·         Flange: DN65…200 / 3…8", max. PN16 / ASME Cl 150

·         -40…+300°C / -40…+570°F

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The DW 183 is an inline flow controller for locally indicating the flow of homogeneous clean liquids without auxiliary power. It is suitable for horizontal or vertical pipes. The device comes with flanged connections, sizes ranging from DN65…200 and 3…8″. The measuring tube and connection is made of stainless steel (1.4404 / 316 L). There are two types of indicator available for this variant: a linear scale with up to two alarm positions at the top and bottom of the indicator or a dial.

The DW 183 is particularly suitable for flow detection in various applications that don't require high accuracy. It can deal with flows of up to 250,000< l/h or 1101 GPM (US). It is also on offer as high-temperature version for operating conditions up to +300°C / +570°F. The DW 183 is available as non-hazardous, intrinsically-safe or explosion-proof version.

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