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The Dräger X am ® 2500 was especially developed for use as personal protection. The 1 to 4 gas detector reliably detects combustible gases and vapours, as well as O2, CO, H2S, NO2 and SO2. Reliable and fully mature measuring technology, durable sensors and easy handling ensure a high degree of safety with extremely low operating costs.

Reference code : 8323919

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Multi-gas detector

​1 to 4 gas detection device

for personal air monitoring 

detection of flammable gases and vapours as well as O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S

Durable electrochemical sensors

Fully developed, high performance Dräger sensors in an extra small format for CO, H2S, O2, SO2and NO2 gases enable safe use in industry, mining and in refineries. The impressive hydrogen sulphide sensor has a high resolution, so it can reliably measure even very low workplace limits. The non-consumptive and lead-free sensor for oxygen is characterized by an especially long service life of more than 5 years. Dräger´s CO and H2S sensors also have this long service life expectation, so they contribute to especially low operating costs.

Poison resistant Ex sensor

The innovative, catalytic Ex sensor is impressive due to its high resistance to silicone and hydrogen sulphide. Together with the high degree of drift stability, this resistance enables an extraordinarily long service life of more than 4 years. Its sensitivity with regard to flammable gases and vapours is tested in accordance to measurement performance approval IEC/EN 60079-29-1 from methane to nonane. This approval also demonstrates the suitability of this instrument for primary explosion protection, e.g. for use in refineries and in the chemical industry.

Maximum safety

The Dräger X-am® 2500 has Ex approval for zone 0, so it is clearly designed for very high user safety in areas subject to explosion hazard. The functional design ensures that gas can enter from above and from the front.

Maintenance: fast, easy, inexpensive

From functional test with gas to complete documentation, users have access to practical solutions that provide safety for implementation at any time. The Dräger Bump Test Station, which does not require a local power source, and the automatic Dräger X-dock testing and calibration station for comprehensive equipment management are ideal system additions that save time and effort. Together with the Dräger X-dock, the high quality Dräger sensors enable quick bump tests of 8 to 15 seconds1 with very low gas consumption. This significantly reduces your equipment operating costs.

With standard sensors: CH4, O2, CO, H2S

Diffusion or pump mode

For clearance measurements for tanks and shafts or when searching for leaks, an optional external pump with a hose up to 45 m long is the optimum solution. The pump starts automatically when the measuring instrument is connected. The switch from diffusion to pump operation can be handled quickly and easily without tools or screws.

Ergonomic and robust

Thanks to its low weight and ergonomic design, the Dräger X-am 2500 offers a high degree of wearing comfort. The practical two button control panel and easy menu navigation allow the instrument to be used intuitively, despite its comprehensive functionality. The integrated protective rubber coating and sensors that are not sensitive to shock provide additional safety in case of impacts or vibrations. Moreover, the Dräger X-am 2500 is not sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, e.g. from wireless devices. The Dräger X-am 2500 is water and dust resistant in accordance with protection class IP 67, so it remains fully functional even if it falls accidentally into the water.

Reliable power supply

The Dräger X-am 2500 can operate with either alkaline batteries or with rechargeable NiMH batteries. This enables a reliable power supply for more than 12 hours. Depending on the requirements, the batteries can be charged either in the workshop or in a vehicle. Operating time without Ex sensor is typically more than 250 hours.

Sensor Type
Ex O2 H2S CO NO2 SO2
Sensor Technology
Sensor Ports
Number of sensors
1 up to 4
Dual sensors
Operation time
12 hours
Battery Type
X-am Pump
Internal pump
Bump Test Station
X-dock Station
Dimensions (W × H × D)
I M1 Ex da ia I Ma II 1G Ex da ia IIC T4/T3 Ga
Shipping approval (MED/DNV GL)
IP Class

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