SAVER CF15 Acil Kaçış Seti - Temiz Hava Silindirli Draeger

It is an escape kit that provides breathing opportunity for 10-15 minutes to avoid sudden risk and accident environments.

Reference code : R45002


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It contains one 3 Liter 200 Bar fresh air cylinder.

Weight: 5.2 kg

Tube: 3 Liter / 200 Bar

With normal carrying bag. (Soft)

The escape kit is in a bag that complies with EN 1146 norms and is CE marked, can be carried on the chest and the strap can be adjusted according to the user, and provides the user with a constant flow of air from the compressed air tube for 15 minutes. When the cover of the bag with the escape set is opened, the set automatically starts to supply air from the air tube to the escape head in a constant flow and has a mechanism that alerts the user when the pressure in the air tube drops to 10 bar.

The head of the escape kit is designed for everyone's use, with a wide viewfinder that can be easily switched on without the need for special training.

The bag of the escape set is manufactured with high visibility, waterproof flame resistant and washable type and it can be seen in the dark. The escape set can be easily maintained and cleaned by the user.

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