BATCHFLUX 5500C DN15 Electromagnetic Flowmeter KROHNE

BATCHFLUX 5500 DN15 Elektromanyetik Debimetre ( K-BF5500C15 )
The BATCHFLUX 5500 is an electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for rotary or linear filling machines. It is the most accurate mag meter for filling applications with conductive liquids in the market and has established itself as the standard for volumetric filling units. Due to its unique ceramic measuring tube, the mag meter features the best repeatability and long-term stability. It can also be used in difficult applications like fibrous products, hot filling (up to +140°C / +284°F) and CIP/SIP processes.

Reference code : K-BF5500C15


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Dolum makinalarının vazgeçilmezi

| 08/31/2020

Yüksek hassasiyetli ve hızlı akışölçer.. Hem rotary hem de lineer makinalarda müthiş performans aldık. Endüstrimarket hızlı teslimat ve desteği için teşekkür ederiz.

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