ST 2000 : Gauge & Absolute Pressure Transmitter

ST 2000 : Gauge & Absolute Pressure Transmitter

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The model ST 2000 pressure transmitter is suitable for almost any application in which measurement value is priority. The transmitter accurately measures and indicates gauge or absolute pressure with ranges from 0 to 460 Bar.

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A ceramic sensor is combined with microprocessor-based electronics to provide two wire 4-20 mA output signal proportional to measured variable.

The microprocessor enhances accuracy by compensating the signal for the temperature effects of sensor and for device non-linearity.

The integral LCD display with 4 digits 18.5 mm high indicates the measured pressure in bar or percentage as well as the temperature of the sensor.

Transmitter is totally configurable with the aid of the LCD indicator and two pushbuttons, without the need for reference pressure nor a hand-held terminal nor a PC.

The ST 2000 Pressure Transmitter is designed as a direct replacement for conventional analogue transmitters and indicators. It uses the existing transmitter signal lines for power and signal transmission.

On request can be supplied with flush mounted sensor for food or pulp & paper applications.

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