C-C440 Dräger

Marka : Draeger

Control unit with large Push-To-Talk button for easy handling of the radio transmitter. Tough and robust design according to IP67 / MIL-STD-810G standards. Specially designed for deployments using chemical protective suits. ATEX versions available.

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Push-To-Talk button

The large pressure area enables secure voice transmission in any situation, even when the C-C440 is operated via the equipment or worn under protective clothing.​

Sturdy connection socket

​As a sturdy and robust quick-connect socket, the C-C440 can be combined with any of the upper units allowing connection to different types of radio devices.

Robust and water-repellant

​The C-C440 has been designed to be particularly sturdy and robust for many different applications as well as being watertight, complying with IP67 / MIL-STD-810G requirements.

ATEX approved

Should the system need to be used in environments where there is a potential explosion hazard, the C-C440 is designed in such a way that it meets ATEX requirements and has ATEX approval.​

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