OPTIFLEX 1100 C Guided radar (TDR) Level Transmitter - K-OF1100CXX

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Optiflex 1100C 3/4 level transmitter (TDR) for basic fluid applications Used for continuous level measurement in storage, collection or recycling tanks. Some of the areas of usage include level control in water channels, level measurement in water treatment systems, pump control in sludge tanks of wastewater facilities and overfill protection.

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Product highlights

Three types of probes which can all be shortened on site

Removal of the converter under process conditions a 360° otation to make the display screen easier to read

Display keypad buttons directly accessible without opening the housing cover

Typical applications


Storage or simple process applications in non-hazardous areas

Applications involving basins, ports, locks

Water and wastewater industry

Water in storage or recycling tanks, basins etc.

Pump control and overfill protection in sludge tanks of wastewater plants

Food and beverage industry

Level control in water channels of fish farms

Frying oils from fast food chains

Pet food production

Livestock food management in breeding centres

Blood recovery in abattoirs

Power industry

Overfill protection in wastewater collection pits of power plants

Machinery and apparatus / OEM industry; Chemical industry

Level measurement in water purification systems (skids)

Cleaning agents for industrial washing machines

Paint from paint booths

Ink from filling machines

Minerals and mining industry

Cement in small silos

Automotive industry

Level monitoring of lubricants

Measuring function
Distance, level, volume and mass
Measuring range
0,7 ... 20 m; 2,3 ... 65,5 ft
Accuracy (liquids)
±10 mm/ ±0.4 in
Accuracy (solids)
±20 mm/ ±0.8 in
Measurement accuracy
±0,5% of the measured value
Auxiliary power
2-wire: 14...30 VDC
Dielectric constant εr
Temperature (operation)
-50 ... + 100 ° C; -58 ... + 212 ° F
-1… 16 barg; -14,5 ... 232 psig
4-20 mA
Ambient Temperature
-40…+80°C/ -40…+176°F
Material housing
Single rope Ø2 mm; 20 m; 65,6 ft cutable at place
Material range
Stainless steel 1.4401 (316)
Material counterweight
Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
Material gaskets
Cable fitting
M20 x1,5, plastic
Ø14 x 100 mm; 0,5 x 3,9 "
Ingress protection
IP66 / 67

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