OPTISOUND 3010 Ultrasonic level transmitter - Krohne

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OPTISOUND 3010 Ultrasonic level transmitter - Krohne

Ultrasonic level transmitter for basic applications
• Continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids and solids
• Measuring range: 0.25…5 m / 0.82…16.4 ft (liquids), 0.25…2 m / 0.82…6.6 ft (solids)
• -40…+80°C / +176°F; -0.2…2 barg / -2.9…29 psig

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The OPTISOUND 3010 is a 2- or 4-wire ultrasonic level transmitter for basic applications up to 5 m / 16.4 ft. It is designed for continuous measurement of liquids such as rainwater and wastewater as well as bulk solids in nearly all sectors of industry. The level transmitter is particularly suitable for use in small tanks or in open channels for flow measurement.

Product highlights
Continuous, non-contact level measurement
Maintenance free operation
Measures independent of varying medium characteristics
Suitable for profile measurement on conveyor belts
Suitable for use in corrosive environments
Available with optional mounting bracket for easy alignment of the sensor

Typical applications
• Open basins, channels, sumps and sludge containers
• Water/wastewater basins
• Open channels for flow measurement
• Profile measurement on conveyor belts
• Small silos and storage tanks for solids
• Small storage tanks with slightly corrosive acids
• Applications with hazardous areas and SIL requirement

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