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Polytron 5200 Elektro- Kimyasal ( Catex ) CH4 Sabit Gaz Algılama Dedektörü Draeger

Polytron 5200 Elektro - Kimyasal CH4 Sabit Gaz Algılama Dedektörü - Draeger

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Polytron 5200 Elektro- Kimyasal CH4 Sabit Gaz Algılama Dedektörü Draeger - 8344500, alt patlama sınırındaki (LEL) yanıcı gazların tespiti için uygun maliyetli, patlamaya dayanıklı bir vericidir. Çoğu yanıcı gaz ve buharı algılayacak katalitik bir boncuk DrägerSensor® Ex… DD kullanır.

Referans kodu : 8344500

Fast and stable – the DrägerSensor Ex … DD

The latest generation-type DD gas sensor is based on a proven catalytic bead principle. Innovative dual active elements result in good long-term zero stability. Dräger has raised the bar for poison resistance yet again. Its long service life ensures that ownership costs remain low. Performance measurement has also been improved. The innovative gas inlet enables the sensor to detect gas within a matter of seconds.

Same design, same operating principles

Polytron 5200 belongs to the Dräger Polytron 5000 series. All transmitters in this series have the same design and user interface. This allows for uniform operation with reduced training and maintenance requirements.

The backlit display shows status information clearly with quick access to functions using a non-intrusive magnetic wand. The gas concentration and measurement unit are displayed during normal operation. Coloured LEDs (green, yellow and red) provide additional alarm and status information.

Three relays for controlling external equipment

The Dräger Polytron 5200 can also be supplied with three integrated relays upon request. This enables you to use it as an independent gas detection system with two adjustable concentration alarms and one fault alarm. Audio alarms, signal lights or similar devices can thus be controlled locally without an additional cable between the transmitter and central controller.

Safe, robust housing for every application

The Polytron 5200 features a Class I, Div. 1 rated explosion-proof enclosure made from aluminum or stainless steel, making it suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions. A protection type “e” version includes a convenient docking station that allows installation in hazardous atmospheres without running conduit (where approved).

Make the impossible possible with the remote sensor

An available remote sensor condulet housing allows the sensor to be installed up to 30 metres (100 feet) away from the Polytron transmitter. The sensor splash guard with integrated tubing nipple enables one person to perform a full calibration of a remote mounted sensor from the transmitter.

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