FAIRCHILD Model 20 Pneumatic Precision Booster (20812 VOLUME BOOSTER)

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FAIRCHILD Model 20 Pneumatic Precision Booster. (20812 VOLUME BOOSTER)

Ratio(Signal Output): 1:1 , Pipe Size 1/4'' NPT

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•The Model 20 Pneumatic High Capacity Volume Booster uses a pneumatic input signal to accurately control output pressure.

• A balanced Supply Valve minimizes the effects of supply pressure variation

• Aspirator Tube compensates downstream pressure droop under flowing conditions

• Optional Adjustable By-Pass Needle Valve option includes bubble tight exhaust valve allows tuning for optimum dynamic response (1:1 ratio only) and cycle free operation with

valve positioners

• Optional Fixed Negative Bias for pneumatic signal devices that cannot be adjusted to

zero signal pressure

• A separate Control Chamber isolates the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing

• Unit construction allows servicing without removal

• Mounting Bracket available

• Canadian Registration Number (CRN) Certification for all territories and provinces


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