Krohne BM 26 Bypass Level Indicator

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Magnetic bypass level indicator for liquid and liquid-liquid interface applications.

Adet :

 Most compact bypass level indicator on the market. Robust, stainless steel design. Permanent, IP68 local indication without power supply.


Stainless steel design (optional NACE conformity)

 Proven technology

Temperature range: -200…+300°C / -325…+570°F

Pressure range: -1…120 bar / -14.5…1740 psig

Density: 0.5…3 kg/l / 31…187 lb/ft³

Float material options: 316L, 316 Ti and Titanium

Stainless steel scale with wide choice of markings: m/cm, ft/in, %, volume etc.

Less risk of leakage than a sight glass - little or no maintenance needed

Easy to install • Ideal for tanks with obstructed environments.

Optional indication of interface

Optional approvals for EEx i or EEx d applications.

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